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Honda’s capable middleweight V twin

INBOARD DISCS .......Parts Diagram and disassembly PDF instructions

Honda’s notorious inboard disc was designed to solve the problems of braking in wet weather but seem to have caused more problems than they solved. Heres how to take them apart.

Honda VT500C 1984 Wiring Diagram

Honda VT500C 1985 Wiring Diagram

Honda VT500C 1986 Wiring Diagram

1983 VT500FT Ascot

1983-1988 VT500E Euro Sport Wiring Diagram

Thanks are due to Michael from our facebook group for the following tips which he has applied to his ‘Euro’ model They should apply to most VT500Es, NV400s  and probably ‘C’s and ‘FT’s, but check first.

Turn signal relays.

If the VT500 turn signal relay stops working, the best choice is to go for a Mitsuba FR-3303. These are readily available on eBay.co.uk. However upon installation it will be found that the original rubber holder does not fit. Not to worry! Buy a 90 degree relay rubber holder from Honda, part number 38306-GE7-000. These are also available on eBay. (Click image to enlarge)

Thermostat tip: How to install the thermostat so it doesn't block the water pipe exit holes.

82 degree thermostats from the following cars will fit, among others:

Subaru Domingo 1.0 & 1.2 (1986 - 1994)

Subaru Justy 1.0 & 1.2 (1984 - 1995)

Subaru Vivio 658 cm³ (1992 - 2000)

Suzuki Alto 796 cm³ (1985 - 1993)

Suzuki Swift & Baleno 1.6 (1989 ->)

Adjusting valve clearances

Another tech-tip: How to easily adjust your valves.... use a 4mm clock key (available from watchmakers or on eBay) on the valve adjuster screw.

Cam chain tensioners

Does your VT500 / NV400SP rattle and tick when cold, but is OK when hot? Adjusting valves does not help? The culprit is the camchain tensioner, or rather the two of them. This problem affects mainly pre-'85 models, since Honda uprated the design for '85. Now how do you know if it's a new or old type tensioner? Well, here are some pics that show the details.

Detail pic... The camchain tensioner problem is often mistaken for so called 'piston slap' ie, a slightly undersize piston rattling in the bore when cold. This was not uncommon in aircooled bikes in the '50s and '60's, although quite uncommon today.

The new tensioner has a more positive locking mechanism than the old one, and prevents backing-out of the locking wedge. It is also nice to know that both tensioners can be removed with engine in-frame, although intake airbox and coils will have to be removed. The camchain sprockets also have to be loosened to allow extraction of the tensioners.

One tip gleaned from a Honda trained mechanic is to loosen the tensioner clamp bolts and then tap the heads with punch which may just be enough to free old springs and tension the camchain again. Its worked with one of our Facebook members at least.

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