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Honda’s capable middleweight V twin

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ron haslam ron haslam ron haslam

Although I apologise for the fact that the pictures below have absolutely nothing to do with the VT500, I had to share them with others who might have had their motorcycling heyday in the late 70’s. A good friend of mine took the pictures below around the UK, most likely during one of the Transatlantic Trophy series that provided so much entertainment at the time. Barry Sheene, ‘Rocket’ Ron Haslam and Mick Grant are all instantly recognisable. I struggled to identify Stevie Baker and Walter Villa but thanks to one of our Facebook group for helping me out!

barry sheen mick grant barry sheen

Unmistakably Barry Sheene

Mick Grant

Walter Villa Stevie Baker ron haslam

Walter Villa

Stevie Baker

.............................  Rocket Ron Haslam  .......................................

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